Acoustic Ceiling Elimination – Popcorn or Texture?

The decision to aim acoustic ceiling removal is just not a little something most of the people leap into without somewhat of forethought. There are actually both of those positives and negatives to consider before making a option to possibly keep that popcorn ceiling or scrape it off and switch it with a few type of wall texture. I’ve experimented with to deal with the most critical troubles in the following dove ceilings paragraphs to assist you make the selection ideal to your problem.

The professionals of Acoustic Ceiling Removal

The cash: Acoustic removing ordinarily improves the value and marketability of the residence, sometimes drastically. A textured ceiling is by most viewpoints much additional attractive and purchasers pays for whatever they like.
Removal reduces the nesting places for bugs like dust mites and spiders. In my experience, it is much more probable than to not see spider webs on near evaluation of an more mature acoustic ceiling.
For the reason that the rough acoustic ceiling texture tends to trap light-weight and produce a shadowing effect changing with contemporary knockdown or very similar texture can make the place look much brighter plus much more open up.
The brand new ceiling may be painted exactly the same shade as being the walls or even a distinctive shade if you wish. You aren’t stuck with the “acoustic white” or amongst the shades of yellow acoustic tends to transform over the years.
Cleaning the dust and grime that accumulates about ceiling vents and ceiling supporters is close to impossible with out harming and/or creating a multitude of acoustic kernels on an acoustic ceiling.

The Disadvantages of Acoustic Ceiling Removing

The cash: Eliminating a popcorn ceiling, repairing the drywall, making use of texture, priming and finally portray can be very expensive if performed by a contractor.
Sometimes acoustic is utilized because that gnarly texture hides harm. Concealed drywall problems commonly signifies extra time desired with the crew’s drywall patch masters, coupled with more materials which naturally equals a lot more cash from your pocket.
The removing procedure might be a lots of get the job done if done you. There is a great deal of details in existence online to help you guideline you through the process. Actually, our web page,, includes a systematic manual to the course of action. Elimination is hard work that needs a particular level of talent, ability that only arrives with experience. Right before taking up the removal of the full residence, I remarkably suggest you receive commenced by doing a small bed room or business to dimension up anything you are stepping into. A lot of faults in coating the drywall or implementing the feel will not be witnessed till the paint is used and it has dried.
Some popcorn/acoustic ceilings have asbestos. If the ceiling is made up of asbestos higher than the threshold degree you must abide by your point out and local legislation regarding removal and disposal of the hazardous waste product or service. This will incorporate multiple air samples, protecting clothing and respiration equipment, specialized sealers, portable showers, heppa air filtration, and so on. Are you able to begin to see the dollars piling up still? Asbestos removing may be very expensive.

Popcorn or Texture

As you take into consideration these issues and come to some selection will not neglect considered one of the most vital elements: You. Is wanting at individuals unsightly ceilings a thing you desire to accomplish for the rest of enough time you individual your home? In the end optional house improvement jobs which include eradicating your popcorn ceiling arrive all the way down to what your want is to the dwelling you live in.

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