Pets Are Not as Messy as You Think

Having pets inside your abode gives a happier ambiance. On the other hand, it involves more and habitual clean-ups. It is not impossible to keep a house spotless with the existence of pets. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make your life with them bearable.

Animal Hair

This is probably one of pet owners’ biggest challenges. There are dog breeds that don’t shed that much such as Schnauzers, Labradors and Bichon Frises. However, the double-coated breeds like Siberian Huskies and Akitas shed significantly more. You will find it on your furniture, clothing and floors. When your pets shed their undercoats, expect giant furballs in your home.

The solution to unruly hair is regularly grooming your pet. This will greatly minimize the time you will spend on cleaning. Brushing the hair of your pet not only decreases the amount of falling hair but it also prevents health related problems especially in cats. It is recommended that you brush your pet outside with the right tools. Vacuums, dustpans and swiffers are reliable tools to scoop up pet hair.

You can also put an unused shirt or towel wherever your pet likes to stay. Just remember to occasionally shake off the hair outside before you toss it in the laundry. In the event that pet hair comes in contact with your furniture or clothing, a lint brush and tape roller will work best.

Upholstery Choice

Material such as semi-aniline leather are resistant to scratching, tearing, easy to clean and most importantly it repels pet hair. These pieces are especially treated to maintain color consistency and provide additional protection. A microsuede or microfiber are both good choices for those who prefer fabric. You would want to avoid thin and loosely woven materials. Selecting patterns that has the ability to camouflage spots and hues that resemble your dog’s hair is also a good approach.

Regular Trimming of Nails

If you really want to protect your furniture from scratches, you have to make sure that you trim the nails of your dog regularly. Of course, this is not possible if your pet is a cat. Most dogs scratch surfaces such as doors when they need to go outside. An effective solution is covering the area with a Plexiglas sheet to protect the door from scratch marks.

It will be much better if you can train your dog other ways of signaling you. You can hang a bell on your door knob and your pet to nudge it whenever s/he needs to go. When your dog is already used to this behavior, you can now get rid of the Plexiglas.

Maintain Cleanliness of Paws

Cats like to stroll all over your home. Sometimes they walk on dirty surfaces and litter. You know how difficult it is to prevent them from walking on counters. This can cause organisms to spread without you knowing it. Intestinal parasites are harmful especially to children whose immune systems are more vulnerable. Make sure that you constantly clean your counters with a cleaning solution.

For your pet dogs, always keep a container filled with one-third water by your door and dip their paws into it. This practice will help you avoid paw marks and stains on your furniture and floors.

Stain Removal

Once a stain is present, it is best to attend to it immediately. Urine that is left on rugs and carpets for a long time can alter its dye. This will also leave an unpleasant smell that can be difficult to remove. Always make sure that all solid residues are removed if there are any. A solution of water mixed with dishwashing liquid or soap is effective to remove basic stains. However, you may need a disinfectant or professional cleaner to remove tougher stains and persisting odors.

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